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What is XTC Pills?

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Don’t use it too often. Most experts advice taking two months off between usage. Any more would be a shame, because it reduces the efficiency anyways.

Don’t use too much. Recommended doses are 1.5mg per 1kg (2lb) of body mass. I typically use a little bit more than that, but don’t overdo it. Learn to find your own limits.

The risk of doing too much at once is “going too hard”, which leaves you literally overwhelmed with how good things are, making a very good thing into a negative. If this were to happen.

Just get away from the music and take a break for half an hour to an hour. You’ll be ready to join the party in no time.
Buy XTC Pills Online use releases some toxins.

You can significantly reduce the harm by taking anti-oxidants during and after use. An easy, cheap and very effective antioxidant is vitamin C.

Bring some Vitamin C tablets to the party and take them along with the pills.

One of the risks with XTC is overheating. Make sure you take a break from dancing if you get too hot.

Also drink plenty of water BUT NOT TOO MUCH.

One to two cups per hour is the recommend quantity.

When XTC first became big, there were a lot of warnings about overheating.

As a result people drank way too much water and some even died of water poisoning.

Stick to one to two cups per hour, take a break once in a while and you will be fine.

Get good pills. Sometimes people sell useless sugar pills, or even dangerous chemicals, as XTC.

Be sure to get pills that only have MDMA as an active ingredient.

Don’t drink too much alcohol. If you drink alongside the Buy XTC Pills Online, you increase the above risks and alcohol reduces the euphoric effect of MDMA.

If you get nauseous it can be two things:
A.) At the beginning of the trip, some people have the urge to throw up.

This has to do with the muscles in your stomach tightening up.

It is nothing to be afraid of. Either take a break and relax for half an hour or just throw up. After the feeling has passed, you’ll be fine!
B.) Later in the night or day, you might also get nauseous.

This has to do with the sodium (salt) levels in your blood.

XTC will cause you to sweat more (especially if you dance a lot). Sweating depletes the salt in your body.

As you drink pure water to replenish the sweat, the salt-percentage in your blood starts to drop.

Normally this problem fixes itself when you eat something, but XTC reduces your appetite (remember, it was developed as a diet drug!).

So the solution is pretty simple: eat or drink some salt. Dutchies will sometimes eat salty licorice, but I know some people also use stock cubes.

After you eat the salty snack, the nausea will subside in a few minutes.

Go with people who have used before.

If you haven’t done it before and aren’t entirely sure, go with people who have done Buy XTC Pills Online before.

If you don’t know anybody, try to meet some people online and ask for advice.

Worst comes to worst, just go to a party and find some of the happiest looking people there. They will be more than helpful!
When in doubt, find a doctor! The risks are tiny, especially if you don’t use too much, but there are risks to everything. If you feel totally out of control or just not good… find a first aid person or doctor.

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