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Metabolism: Liver
Elimination half-life: 15–48 hours
Formula: C11H18N2O3
License data: US FDA: Pentobarbital
ATC code: N05CA01 (WHO) QN51AA01 (WHO)
Excretion: Kidney
Bioavailability: 70–90% (oral); 90% (rectal)

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What is Pentobarbital Powder?

Buy Pentobarbital Powder Online (trade name: Nembutal) is a drug from the barbiturate class. It was widely used during the 1940s and 1950s as a sleeping pill (i.e. hypnotic) or anti-anxiety drug (i.e. sedative). Unlike modern sleeping pills, Nembutal is highly lethal in overdose.

Because it is very reliable and brings about peaceful death, it is one of drugs of choice for assisted suicide and capital punishment.

Pentobarbital  is use by euthanasia organizations in the United States (Oregon Death With Dignity Act), Switzerland (Dignitas) and The Netherlands.

Since it was so easy to overdose on Buy Pentobarbital Powder Online (whether accidentally or intentionally), it was almost universally taken off the market and replaced by safer sleeping pills, primarily benzodiazepines.

For instance, Nembutal was removed from the Australian prescribing schedule in 1998.

However, Nembutal remains in use by veterinary surgeons in order to euthanase bigger animals in most countries. Many people were successful in obtaining veterinary Nembutal for their suicide.

The famous American actress Marilyn Monroe supposedly used Nembutal to end her life.

The brand name “Nembutal” was coined by Dr. John S. Lundy, who started using it in 1930, from the structural formula of the sodium salt—Na (sodium) + ethyl + methyl + butyl + al (common suffix for barbiturates).

Nembutal is trademarke and manufacture by the Danish pharmaceutical company Lundbeck, and is the only injectable form of pentobarbital approved for sale in the United States.

Comparison to other methods

Nembutal is a proven, reliable drug that brings about a peaceful death. Almost no failures are known, despite large statistics (for example.

The Swiss euthanasia organisation Dignitas reported 840 exits with no single failure).

There are however reports on seemingly slow or painful deaths with Nembutal in capital punishment, although this may be due to poor quality of the drug from compounding pharmacies given intravenously rather than orally.

Buy Pentobarbital Powder Online is supposedly very difficult to obtain, as its sole remaining human use in most of the world is in liquid form for use as a sedative and anesthetic in hospitals.

In Europe it is even more scarce than in the US. Because of this, no brick-and-mortar or mail-order pharmacy sells Nembutal; any such site that claims to do so is likely fake. Also.

Veterinary Nembutal is a liquid and not in pill-form, which means that it has a shorter shelf life.

On the other hand, Seconal (secobarbital), a short acting barbiturate that is as powerful as Nembutal if not more powerful, is still available in capsule form in the USA and probably the UK. However, it is very rarely, if ever, prescribed.

Nembutal has a bitter taste that require the use of anti-emetics to prevent vomiting when given orally at high dosages.

As a practical matter, Nembutal can still be obtained by those who have a few (or several) hundred dollars and knowledge of what supplier to ask.

Specifically the Peaceful Pill Handbook has a chapter, Obtaining Nembutal, with lists of trusted suppliers; updates to this list are made available to those who subscribe to the digital edition of the book.

Lethal dosage

There are a few views available on the lethal dose, all held by medical professionals. They are illustrate below.

Dr. Nitschke in his The Peaceful Pill Handbook states, “Administration is a matter of dissolving ~10 gm of the powder in ~50 ml of water and drinking.

If the powder is analyzed to be pure, and if ingested in the recommendation amounts, Chinese Nembutal powder will (not might) lead to a reliable and peaceful death.

The minimum lethal dose is 6 gms. If the substance is pure, a purchase of 25 gm of 95% pure soldium pentobarbital is more than enough for two adults.”

In The Netherlands, doctors who offer to help with hastening death, provide a drink with 9 grams of pentobarbital or secobarbital.
The research committee of Dr admiraal.

Belonging to a Dutch euthanasia group.

Deemed that nobody has ever woken up after ingestion of 6 grams of a barbiturate.

If not tolerant to the drug, provided no vomiting occurred.

In the book.

Departing Drugs by Chris Docker and Cheryl Smith.

Nembu can  suggeste on page 64 that 3.5 grams are the lethal dose of secobarbital.

Dr Admiraal deems that 3.5 grams can not be considere as sufficient to be reliably lethal.

But that 6 grams would definitely be the sufficient amount.

There are reports that Dignitas uses a liquid solution with 15 grams of  Pentobarbital Powder.

Probably as crushed tablets, dissolved in ~50 ml tap water.

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