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What is MDMA Crystal?

Buy MDMA Crystal Online is a truly remarkable medicine for working with difficult emotional experiences.

The clinical results have far exceeded other interventions for a range of uses (see the research section at the bottom of this page).

MDMA is a synthetic psychedelic, first developed by the pharmaceutical company Merck in 1912.

It has been widely studied since then, particularly for psychotherapeutic uses.

With the rate of academic research growing rapidly, it is likely that MDMA will become FDA approved for therapeutic use within the next few years, and MAPS.

org is focused on moving it through the approval process.

MDMA is being widely tested for post-traumatic stress, with results that surpass any other existing treatment method.

Buy MDMA Crystal Online is a particularly appealing psychedelic for therapists and researchers because the subjective mental experience feels fairly stable.

While creating a dramatic increase in emotional openness and a reduction in fear and anxiety.

Before you begin, be sure to read our safety section and see the special safety considerations for MDMA at the bottom of this page.


Because Buy MDMA Crystal Online has anti-anxiety and anti-fear effects, it is generally considered safe to use a full dose your first time and each time you use MDMA

(generally 75mg – 125mg depending on the individual).

It is important to measure the dose carefully.

Some therapy protocols add a ‘booster dose’ of about 60mg of MDMA 2-3 hours after the first dose to extend the period of therapeutic effects and provide more time for deep exploration.

Step by Step

MDMA will typically be in the form of a powder, pill, or crystal. Again, be sure that you are receiving pure MDMA.

Not mixed with other drugs or stimulants like caffeine.

‘Molly’ is another term for pure MDMA, distinguished from ‘Ecstasy’ which often contains MDMA but is not pure MDMA. If the MDMA is in pill form.

You’ll have to be confident of the reported dosage, as fillers are added to create a pill and weighing the pill will not indicate the MDMA content.

As always, do not take any MDMA if you are unsure of quantity or purity.


    Be sure that you have set aside enough time in a comfortable setting.

  • You will need about 3-4 hours for a typical dose without a booster.

  • Make sure you won’t feel rushed or intruded upon, so that you can focus on the experience and get the most benefit.

  • TWO

    Make sure you have your dose measured and ready.

  • Start with 90mg if you aren’t sure what level is best for you.
  • Some individuals may go as high as 130mg, but it’s fine to start on the lower side for your first experience.

    Swallow the pill, powder, or measured crystals.

  • With powder or crystals, you can simply drop it into a small amount of water and drink it down (if any sticks to the cup, add more water and get the rest).
  • You can also empty out a vitamin capsule and put the powder inside or put it on a tiny piece of tissue paper, fold it up, and swallow it like a pill.
  • Whatever seems easiest for you is fine.
  • FOUR

    Once you take the MDMA, you will have about 30-60 minutes before the effects begin.

  • This is another chance to make sure you get setup with anything you will want to have handy.
  • Lots of folks like to write during the experience, about their ideas and feelings, so you may want to have paper or a computer handy.
  • If you are interested in addressing particular emotional or psychological challenges in your life, you may want to make a list of issues that you want to think about during the experience.

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