About us

why choice me:
1- We guarantee deeply analyze and demonstrate, purity more than 99.8%
2- Factory outlet with priority price & large stock.
3- Special magic vacuum safe package & safe shipping way.All parcel shipments are shipped discreetly and secure under customers’ all requests.
4- We promise reship policies if post failed or refund if you need.
5- Rate of passing customs is 99.9% including Russia,Australia and anyother.
6- TNT & UPS & DHL & EMS & Fedex or special line is available for you.Freight fee is all charge by seller.
7- Payment terms: Western Union, Moneygram ,bitcoin ,Bank Wire for your choices.

Our second objective is to hold very competitive prices.

We are always working on pushing our prices the lowest possible. For example, buying our raw material is a work of every day, and we conduct our purchases according to the market rates, the suppliers and even the seasons. This is why we can give you the most affordable solutions. Because every cent we save on our production costs can make us free to lower our prices.

The security of your information is of overriding importance to us. In order to ensure your details are safe and prevent unauthorized access, we manage various electronic procedures on a daily basis. Your card details will only be used for each order you place with us and are automatically deleted upon completion of your order. Your card details will not be saved on our system.

When you choose to pay by bank transfer or western union you can arrange this by filling in the order and selecting bank transfer or western union from the payment options. This service is arranged using the customers bank or senders information, and we will never store your bank details or Western Union senders information as part of your customer data after we receive payment.

Please, tell us about your needs, and we will make every effort to come out with right proposal.